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The Totally Benevolent Calendar Convertor from/to Julian/Gregorian/World/International Fixed/Hegira/Revised Julian/S.C.A.
This program is written by a complete atheist!
If this program is theologically related, it may contain heretical information.

You can translate dates among these supported calendar systems:
  ·  Gregorian Calendar (Used since October 5/15, 1582)
  ·  Julian Calendar (Used prior to October 5/15, 1582)
  ·  International Fixed Calendar (Proposed calendar reform)
  ·  World Calendar (Proposed calendar reform)
  ·  Hegira Calendar (Astromonical Version)
  ·  Hegira Calendar (Fatimid/Civil Version)
  ·  Revised Julian Calendar (Used by the Eastern Orthodox)
  ·  Society of Creative Archaism/S.C.A. (See footnote [*])

Notes! You may need to include “AS” or “After Society” when entering in S.C.A. dates.

Here, thou canst use this magickal form to call upon WIKKA! to convert dates in between several calendar system.

Enter the Desired Date according to the Source Calendar:

(Just enter the date in as an regular English expression. Dates to most calendars can also be entered as YYYY/MM/DD)

Please select source calendar type:

Please select destination calendar type:

[*] This is a specialized version of the Gregorian Calendar as used by a L.A.R.P.-based society which replicates a historical society of the darkages. This calendar Epochs on Beltane (May 1st) 1966.

© Copyright David E. Down 2002-2016
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