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Note! Some sections of this site are still under construction! Please wait whilst I realize my dreams. You need a .PNG compatible browser to fully enjoy this site. I hate .GIF images because of that lousy L.Z.W. compression algorithm that is filed under a lousy patent (but I think that the patents in question had expired).

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Caesarean style laurels


Caesarean style laurels

This section contains: Party Games (Rules to 9 games are available). Also, I have started my Story Files.

The Gateway to Faeria

Enter Faeria

The Gateway to Faeria

This section contains: Forest Faeria — The Faery Sanctuary.
The gateway is guarded by magic. Only the virtuous can enter Forest Faeria. Faeria can only be entered thru the gateway.
Note! Some parts of the Faery Monarchy is under construction.

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Round tables of GonkHumanities

GonkHumanities™’ Icon

This section contains: Due to my lost of interest, GonkHumanities™ are now closed! This link only contains information that I have not yet removed off the site. Any information about GonkHumanities™ is now void.

Programmer Night’s Dream

This section contains: My current programming projects & downloads of them. Check out the page about one of projects about a kinetographic script editor whose name is Lean Against Bricks And Nails. Currently, I’ve this project is on-hold, because I’m re-engineering the design for this program, & creating some libraries at the moment. Also in this section, I have proposed a system about extending the UTF-16 surrogate system to 31-bits. Disclaimer! My UTF-16 extension proposals bears no official status of any kind whatsoever.


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